School Visits

School Visits

Since I’m a former elementary and middle school teacher, sharing my love of reading and teaching writing techniques is a dream come true.

Seeing students hop up and down, giddy with excitement that a “real life author” has come to visit is something everyone should witness.

I offer several different types of presentations to meet the needs of your group from kindergarten through eighth grade.

Take a look at my topics and email me so we can discuss what will work best for your students. If you’re using THE CLASSROOM series in your school, download Disney’s Discussion Guide.

School Visits


I share my journey to becoming an author, reveal inspiration behind my books, read excerpts, and share revising tips students can use immediately to improve their own writing. Perfect for big groups! Grades 3-8


I share my journey to becoming an author and take students through specific revision techniques I use to strengthen my writing–techniques that every student can use to make their own writing sparkle. Great for a class or a couple of combined classes. Grades 3-8


Plot your story like a screenplay. I work with students to think cinematically as they plot their own stories. Perfect for older middle grade writing students. Grades 6-8

 School Visits


I share with students the steps I take to prepare writing a novel and I emphasize the pre-writing process. Students will learn about voice and practice using different points of view in a piece of narrative writing. They will have the opportunity to fine-tune their personal writing with my guidance. 90 minutes, small group or one class

Follow up sessions with teachers are held to share the techniques I use and provide them with resource recommendations. Time is also available for brainstorming with teachers on effective ways to enhance their students’ narrative writing.

School Visits

Email me for details about availability and pricing.

Robin kept close to 500 kids over 5 days engaged with her fun and thoughtful presentations during our 45th Annual Author Go-Round.  As an ex-teacher, she really knows how to talk with the 5th through 8th graders who attended, and I really mean WITH the kids and not AT them.  Robin was approachable and it was obvious that those kids who were already fans of her books were bigger fans now while winning over new readers to her books with each day.  I could only hope that every author who appears at our event in the future approaches Robin’s enthusiasm, approachability and love of what she does.  -Administrator, Santa Barbara County Office of Education

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